Vision – Helping to feed the world by reducing food waste

It seems a requirement of modern business life that you must explain to everyone the “why” of your business. Simply having a fantastic product is not enough.  The accepted method is a Vision/Mission statement.  If you don’t know what that is, just do a search through your favorite web browser – be prepared to do a lot of reading.

Our Vision – Help feed the world

Our Mission – Reduce food waste

So, our Vision/Mission statement is: Helping to feed the world by reducing food waste.

This crystalizes (pun intended) into our product: a fully functional dry egg better known as OvaEasy Egg Crystals®.

If this is enough of an explanation for you, you can stop reading; if not, then let us plunge into the deep end of the pool. 

The Problem

Why we want to help feed the world should be pretty self-explanatory – good food is vital to life.  You cannot thrive and reach your full potential if you do not consume enough quality food.  To state the obvious, you need both the calories and the right nutrients.  You can’t survive on 1500 calories of sugar a day, even though many people are trying their best to make it work. It may seem okay in the short term, but it’s not so good in the long term.  Ditto for not having enough calories at all.

Now the problem is not the amount of food produced; the problem is the amount of food that gets consumed. 40% of all food is wasted between the farm and final use*.

Much of this waste is due to damage during storage and transport or the food not being used before it goes bad. 

Our Solution

OvaEasy® Egg Crystals. 

How Is That A Solution?

Any potential solution to feeding the world must take both calories and nutrients into account.  This is one of the reasons why we work with eggs – it provides both.  Eggs contain all the nutrients needed to form a complete organism – skin, eyes, bones, muscles, nervous system etc., since it is designed to produce a baby chicken.

Back To The Original Problem

The problem is shell eggs are both fragile and perishable.  Both lead to huge amounts of waste.

And Our Brilliant Solution

The solution we have implemented is to remove the shelland then remove water from the liquid egg**.  Brilliant, right?  Like all brilliant ideas, it turns out someone else has done it first.  They just did not do it very well.  Drying the egg so hot that it cooks is only a partial solution.

This is where our brilliance comes in: we create an excellent product by avoiding heat damage every step of the way. 

The result is OvaEasy®.  Not that easy to make, but very easy to use: just add water and cook.  All the flavor, all the nutrients, all the functionality of eggs but in a dry form.  This makes it easy to ship, hard to damage in transport/storage and lasts for years.  OvaEasy® allows us to take the best eggs in the world, produced in the heartland of the USA, and make it available to everyone.



*again, do a search in your favorite web browser and be prepared to do a lot of reading – I like the summary given by IFT:

**liquid egg has about 24% solids, so when the water is removed, you have something that is one-fourth the weight and volume of the original.  The powder also has a very low water activity which extends shelf life.