Egg White Protein Powder

When it comes to your health, you can’t afford to compromise—that’s why our delicious egg white protein powder has the perfect low carb, no-fat amino acid profile to power your workouts and energize your days. Unlike any other protein powder on the market, OvaEasy doesn’t suffer from protein denaturation. The farm-fresh eggs we begin with are never exposed to high temperatures (also known as flavor killers) because we rely on our proprietary low-temperature crystallization process to retain the taste and nutritional value of the egg. All we do is remove the water, and since we did no damage to the protein in the process we do not need to add junk to compensate. Dried at ⅓ of the heat as other egg white protein powders on the market, our one-of-a-kind egg crystals preserve all the benefits of egg white protein so you can persevere at the gym and beyond. Available in resealable bags or new single serving in all three flavors. 


What's in Egg White Protein Powder?


  • 98% pure dried egg whites
  • Less than 2% natural flavors added to Vanilla Creme Brulee and Chocolate Cake flavors
  • Stevia added to Vanilla Creme Brulee and Chocolate Cake flavors


Our egg white protein powder is packed with the perfect amino acid profile for muscular recovery and growth, plus it’s all-natural, lactose, gluten and dairy-free. The egg whites used in our protein powder are fresh, hormone-free and not treated with any antibiotics. Our low-temperature crystallization process ensures the essence of the egg remains intact, so you don’t have to sacrifice any of the original health benefits when you enjoy OvaEasy’s egg crystals.

How We Make Egg Crystals


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    sally B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Wish I liked it better

    I like the idea of the egg white only powder, but the flavor is too overpowering to use it with fruit and yogurt in a smoothy. I wish they offered a simple vanilla rather than the vanilla creme brûlée.

    Nic N.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Chocolate and vanilla are gross

    I use the egg whites to make scrambled eggs on wilderness canoe trips. I tried the flavored ones today as a protein shake and couldn't dump down the sink fast enough. Omg they were gross - the smell and the taste, like a combo of eggs and fish.

    Joan T.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    my report on egg crystals

    It took some time to get used to it, but now it tastes good and I am glad to be eating such good protein.

    Thomas H.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    A bit pricey but worth it!

    We use this product for all recipes calling for egghite and many recipes using egghite instead of whole egg (otherwise we use OvaEasy crystals for whole eggs). This is one of the few powdered (long storage life) products that can reliably be used to make a fritata or other such recipe where the egg is obvious.

    Joan T.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    plus and minus

    On my first order, I jumped right in. It felt good and tasted good, too, but after a couple weeks I had serious constipation, so I stopped taking it for awhile. I will be trying it again. but more gradually.

    Ann K.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Amazing protein powder

    Love this product ! So delicious. Add it to vanilla yogurt for a healthy yummy dessert.

    Nancy B.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Mixed impressions

    Taste of OvaEasy scrambled egg whites was fine, but, unlike your whole-egg crystals, the egg white protein powder did not mix easily in water. Disappointing. Will resume use of organic liquid egg whites—much easier to work with.

    Trey D.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great products

    I used the egg whites crystals in a variety of things from shakes to cream of rice. Easy to use and great taste.

    Denise P.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Super Great

    Wonderful taste in smoothies and great source of protein.

    Jack L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product


    These EGG Whites are excellent. I have tried egg whites from different suppliers and have never been satisfied to the point that I had to make my own egg whites when I needed it. Then I had the opportunity to try the chocolate, creme brulee, and the plain egg whites from OvoEasy. I baked the best products ever. Kudos! I recommend that people try these products, they are amazing and make the final products better that using other egg whites. I am going to purchase these products soon.

    Robert S.
    United States United States

    Best Tasting High Protein Shake Available Anywhere

    I am so happy to have discovered your products. Your protein shakes are delicious and I could drink them for any meal any time of the day and feel fulfilled. Looking forward to seeing what new items will be coming down the road. You have my vote!

    Jill O.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Easy protein

    I love my smoothies made with OvaEasy egg protein!

    Sue G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Tantalizing 'Vanilla Creme Brulee' Flavor Shines Through!

    Like ethereal shimmering sands on a long forgotten desert, it truly tastes like dessert. I used 1 cup of organic 2% milk and 1 cup of cold water, added 2 scoops and let my Zyliss milk frother handle the rest. A lovely concoction appeared, and disappeared just as fast. Yum! Great product and taste! Definitely Recommend.

    OvaEasy Egg White Protein Powder Review
    Andrew W.
    United States United States

    Great Low-Calorie, High-Protein, Daily Breakfast

    This protein is fantastic! The flavor is great (chocolate is my favorite) and the nutrition is great. I can't say enough good about this item. I blend the chocolate powder with water, ice, and a banana every morning. It's helped me to lose a lot of weight and I am starting to build muscle with this protein. I highly recommend this!

    A OvaEasy Customer
    Alexander F.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product

    Great for protein shakes

    I tried this after watching the Chef Rush protein shake recipe on Youtube. I followed his recipe closely except without the mushroom extract. It's very good, better than whey isolate in my opinion. The volume of powder seems much lower and the resulting shake seems thicker rather than the airy/frothy texture from whey. Per shake it's slightly more expensive than whey, especially with the shipping; I wish ovaeasy had a distribtor in Calgary. I will certainly buy again.

    OvaEasy Egg White Protein Powder Review