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Whole Egg Crystals

Our Whole Egg Crystals are the backbone of everything we do at OvaEasy. We transform farm-fresh, protein-packed eggs into easily portable egg crystals to enjoy around the campfire or dinner table through our careful low-temperature crystallization process. Because we avoid using high heat (a huge flavor and functionality killer) common to other egg products on the market, we don’t have to add in unhealthy ingredients to boost flavor, and neither do you. Just add water to enjoy the taste and texture of real egg because that’s all our whole egg crystals are—except these eggs last up to seven years depending on packaging and can be conveniently stored away or packed along to fuel your adventures.

What's in Whole Egg Crystals?


  • Whole eggs
  • Egg yolk
  • Dried egg whites


Powdered egg products are typically buried in sugary pre-packaged baked goods as just one ingredient amongst many others that make the treat taste sweeter with none of the health benefits of the original egg maintained. Since OvaEasy has perfected our proprietary low-temp crystallization process, our Whole Egg Crystals can stand alone as a fulfilling meal or snack with none of the flavor or nutritional value sacrificed. The powerful egg white protein paired with the essential vitamins, calcium, magnesium and more from the egg yolk makes for a well-rounded meal to satisfy any craving.

How We Make Egg Crystals