OvaEasy Food Service Egg Product Benefits for Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outline critical measures restaurants should take in working with raw eggs to address the thousands of egg-related illnesses reportedly linked to restaurants. Chief among them is eliminating risk altogether through the use of pasteurized egg products that pose less chance of carrying harmful bacteria. However, almost 80% of restaurants surveyed in a study by the Environmental Health Specialists Network said they didn’t use pasteurized eggs. Even more startling, the same percentage claimed to have served runny or undercooked eggs. In a business that keeps moving, no one wants to be the bad egg. Food professionals need convenience that doesn’t come at the cost of safe food preparation practices.

That’s where OvaEasy’s proprietary egg crystals come in to simplify service without sacrificing the flavor and health benefits of real eggs. OvaEasy is real farm-fresh eggs pasteurized and then dried using our custom low-temperature crystallization process that heats the eggs to only one-third of the temperature used by other egg powders on the market. We preserve the flavor and nutritional value of the eggs, unlike higher temps that pulverize the eggs beyond repair. The result is a fast, fresh product for safe food service egg preparation, with a long-lasting shelf life to boot.

Natural Disaster & Emergency Food Supply

When disaster strikes, OvaEasy’s functional food service egg products are on standby, ready to save the day. After a natural disaster or emergency-inflicted power outage, restaurants risk their whole egg supply spoiling in the fridge. With OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals, you can stock up on an impressive emergency food supply with a shelf life of up to seven years. The U.S. military relies on OvaEasy for sustenance when overseas in remote, resource-limited environments because our Egg Crystals are still rich in nutrients and readily available when they need them.

Its flexibility during challenging times isn’t the only benefit. OvaEasy’s wholesome egg taste stands the test of time, too, so even if the world turns upside down, customers are guaranteed real-egg flavors they will recognize. For additional convenience, OvaEasy’s Egg in a Cup is a more portable meal option to have on hand when hotel guests need a quick egg breakfast to fuel up.

Long-Lasting Food Service Scrambled Egg & Powdered Egg Supply

While OvaEasy’s egg crystals are convenient in a bind, OvaEasy has reimagined pasteurized eggs to be more than just a “quick fix” solution. Our Whole Egg Crystals are your everyday egg to enhance the time you spend in the kitchen and ensure appropriate customer safety. We’ve made it possible to have heaps of fluffy scrambled eggs at your fingertips without the hassle of wasted fridge space or potential harm from raw eggs.

Combining eggs to increase cooking efficiency is a common technique in the kitchen (reported by more than 50% of restaurants). However, the CDC identifies this practice, known as pooling, as a large source of cross-contamination that can spread harmful bacteria from one raw egg to another. OvaEasy Egg Crystals don’t pose the same risk—just add water and prepare the eggs as you would raw eggs. OvaEasy retains the real-egg flavor and texture but reduces risk, so many servings can share the stove top without spreading bacteria. That’s the peace of mind OvaEasy is proud to provide professional kitchens everywhere.

Egg White Protein Powder for Health Conscious Customers

OvaEasy isn’t just an essential in the kitchen. Our Egg White Protein Powder and Keto Shake products are a retail opportunity for hotels to appeal to fitness-oriented guests and point them to your workout amenities. Our protein powder is unlike any other product on the market because our crystallization process preserves all of the nutritional value of egg whites without falling prey to protein denaturation. When it comes to providing the best for your health-conscious customers, no other product compares to OvaEasy.

For nutrition-minded chefs feeling inspired in the kitchen, our Egg White Protein Powder also integrates naturally into baked goods and smoothies, sure to be a best seller amongst a health-conscious crowd. Food service egg products are rightly held to the highest standard from the kitchen to the front desk, so rely on OvaEasy for retail success as well as success in the kitchen.

Quick Egg Breakfast Items for Customers on the Move

Busy guests might not stop for a bite to eat, but grab-and-go goodies by the front desk are a great way to power their day. Capitalize on the convenience of OvaEasy’s Egg in a Cup for customers craving a quick egg breakfast on the go. Our flavorful options are sure to grab their eye, so take advantage of the long shelf life and load up your kiosk to catch customers on their way out the door. It’s that easy!

Need Great Tasting Egg Products with a Long Shelf-Life for Your Restaurant or Hotel? Call OvaEasy.

OvaEasy is your food service egg solution for improved storage and simple sanitation in the kitchen. We can eliminate much of the risk associated with cooking and cleaning up after raw eggs in your kitchen through our perfected pasteurization process. Rely on OvaEasy to preserve the flavor and function of real egg while depleting potentially harmful bacteria, and serve up a bountiful breakfast in a flash. Call OvaEasy at (641) 755-2525, email info@nutriom.com or submit our contact form to get started cooking smarter and boosting your emergency food supply today.