The Basics of Protein

by Kerry Goggin 4 min read

The Basics of Protein

What’s Protein Anyway?

There are so many facets to the nutrition conversation, even with something as seemingly simple as protein. But, we’re bringing you back to the basics this month, so let’s give this protein talk a try. Simply put, protein is one of the “big three” macronutrients – carbohydrates and fat are the other two. They’re called macros simply because we need more of them for our engines to run the way they’re supposed to. In other words, macronutrients play critical roles in balanced, optimal nutrition, plus they support everything our bodies do.

Why (Complete) Protein?

Protein is used by our bodies to build and repair (damaged) muscle, as well as bone, hair, skin, and other parts of the body. Protein is made up of smaller molecules called amino acids, and is categorized as complete or incomplete, based on the amount of amino acids it contains. A complete protein will contain the nine essential amino acids, which our bodies cannot make on their own, while an incomplete protein will not. The quality and type of that protein we choose makes a difference too – in digestion, well-being, muscle growth and recovery, and strength. 

How Do I Get Enough Protein?

Protein is more effective if it’s a complete protein – i.e. it contains all of those amino acids we just mentioned. Now, whole foods are the best suppliers of our macros, so we recommend eating a diet rich in clean, whole foods. It’s just easier and better for you… Why? One might say that all good nutrition starts with food. Not only can you achieve your macro goals with clean, whole foods, but you also get more micronutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) from whole foods, which protein supplements generally don’t contain. Those micronutrients help with satiety and overall vitality and wellness (more on micros next time).

So let’s consider what most of us know already: protein is found in many foods, most commonly in EGGS, red meat, fish, pork, chicken, and cheese/yogurt/dairy. Non-animal protein sources are seeds, nuts/nut butters and beans, tofu, quinoa and tempeh. By eating a variety of these proteins on a daily basis, you should be able to meet your body’s complete protein needs. 

But, if you’re trying to get more protein into your diet and you’re in the market for a supplement, it’s important to note that many single vegetable proteins aren’t complete on their own. Even some animal supplements like milk protein isolate and collagen, one of the biggest sellers on the market right now, are not complete either. So, examine your goals, and choose a supplement that will complement your nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness plan (Hint: OvaEasy Egg White Protein is a great choice). 

Where OvaEasy Comes In

So, where do we fit into the protein game? With OvaEasy, eggs are the center of our universe – whole and the whites. We’ve taken the incredible edible egg and made it even more incredibly edible. OvaEasy Egg Crystals are made with our own proprietary crystal freeze-drying technology that dries them under 130º F, preserving their fresh taste and high-quality protein. In fact, since we’ve done such a good job of this, our egg crystals cook up and taste just like whole fresh eggs. A single serving delivers 6 grams of clean protein, and each pouch has about 12 servings or 12 eggs. Because they don’t require refrigeration, they’ll last unopened on your shelf upwards of 30 months (6 if opened). They transport perfectly for the van life, for your camping and mountaineering adventures, or even when you’re rolling out of bed last minute and need to scramble for your breakfast before work or school. And because they’re real whole eggs, you’re not sacrificing nutrition or flavor.

OvaEasy Egg in a Cup is our little effort, no mess way to cook up scrambled eggs in your dorm, at home, or in the office – no equipment necessary. Just add water, microwave, and enjoy. Each cup packs approximately 12-13 grams of protein, is a great keto-friendly, low carb option, and comes in three delicious flavors.

Now, if you’re looking toward supplements to get a little extra protein into your meals or snacks, our  OvaEasy Egg White Protein is the perfect addition to your diet. Our egg white protein contains all the amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth, is low carb, and has no fat! Plus, because we don’t denature the egg protein with too high temps during our crystallization process, our egg white protein mixes well and lacks the nasty taste of the other egg proteins on the market. Whether you’re whipping up a nutritious meal substitute shake or smoothie, or you’re trying to make those gains and help your muscles recover after a tough workout, OvaEasy Egg White Protein gets the job done.

The Bottom Line

Protein is the macronutrient most responsible for the growth and repair of our muscles, hair, bone, and even skin, and eating a clean diet, based largely around whole foods, should provide all of the complete proteins we need in a day. OvaEasy has plenty of options to help you achieve your clean nutrition and protein goals. From our Egg Crystals to Egg in a Cup and our Egg White Protein, we provide clean, whole, healthful foods that are easy to cook and taste great. If you’ve tried us and like us, let us know! Share your anecdotes, recipes or reviews - we love hearing from you. 

A little bit about our author:

Kerry Goggin headshot.

Kerry is a writer, nutrition coach and consultant. She’s an active runner, skier, triathlete, CrossFitter, and a crazy busy mom of three. She dreams of being able to spend more time outside doing the things she loves with those she loves…and eggs of course, she dreams of eggs. This week, Kerry and her kids ate through her stash of Egg in a Cup (Sea Salt & Pepper), and since fall is underway, she’s started making a great pumpkin spice smoothie with our Vanilla Crème Bruleé Egg White Protein. If you have questions for her, let us know - she loves a good question that doesn’t start with “But, Mom…”

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