Getting Back to the Basics

by Kerry Goggin 4 min read

Getting Back to the Basics

Life’s New Landscape

School has commenced, and with nearly a month under our belts, it’s safe to say that for many families, this year’s landscape, whether it be academic, professional or just lifestyle, is looking quite different. With all of the changes we’re facing in schedule, work location, (home)office dynamics, eLearning, hybrid learning, travel etc., developing and maintaining a morning routine, or any routine for that matter, is even tougher than it was before. Maybe we’re navigating how to share offices with spouses and or multiple children, maybe we’ve taken our lives on the road and have extended our outdoor ventures, maybe our gyms continue to be closed or are only offering limited classes so we’re trying to get our morning workouts in with kids and spouses underfoot, or perhaps we’re alone and just exceedingly less motivated to get our days underway. Whatever our paths look like, after so many months of this, it’s simply harder to get up and get going – for everyone.


Routine Routine Routine

Now more than ever though, it’s important to get back to the basics, to try to control what we can control, to set up those routines that help us check items off our to-do lists, accomplish tasks both small and large, and so on and so forth. Why? Because routine helps to remove uncertainty and extra stressors from our day-to-day. It helps us control what we can control - to get up and start our days off on that proverbial right foot - so that we can perform better and ultimately just feel better.


The Importance of Breakfast

No matter what that morning right foot looks like for you or your friends or family, part of the morning routine that we shouldn’t miss is breakfast. We’re not just talking about a quick bowl of cereal, frozen waffle or pop tart. We’re talking about eating a healthy breakfast as part of a morning routine that nourishes our bodies with both macros (proteins, carbs, and fats – the big 3 – more on that next time) and micros (vitamins and minerals).


Nourishing our bodies as part of our morning routine reduces our stress response to our environment and packs our bodies and minds with antioxidants and all kinds of good things that ultimately increase and stabilize our energy, improve our mood, and elevate cognitive function or tune in our minds. Breakfast helps establish good habits for the rest of the day and has a ton of long-term health benefits like reducing obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes – all things we need to be hyper aware of, especially these days.


Where OvaEasy Comes In

Where do we fit in? Eggs! With Ova Easy, eggs are no longer a big mess, difficult to store, or arduous to cook.


OvaEasy Egg Crystals are all natural, whole, dried eggs that taste just like their fresh counterpart, only they have an extra-long shelf life and don’t require refrigeration! Yes, we said whole egg, not just the whites. You might ask “But don’t the yolks have all the fat and cholesterol?” They do, but our bodies and brains needthe fats, and not all cholesterol is bad. Plus, it’s time to stop being afraid of the egg yolk. Yolks pack a wallop when it comes to micro nutrients - all the good stuff, like folate, iron, vitamins a, b, c, d, potassium, calcium, magnesium and more is contained in the tiny yellow center of the egg.


So eat up! Scramble them, toss in your favorite extras like veggies, meats and cheeses, or make a quick omelet for the kids. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve filled your stomachs and theirs with nothing but goodness and provided their brains with all the nutrients to help them engage with their classmates, ace their tests, and keep their energy stale all day long, no matter where they are. If you’re living a little more of that nomadic lifestyle, our egg crystals travel and pack up like a dream. You can make a gourmet, nutrient dense meal over the campfire and not feel like you’re eating sub-par camping food.


OvaEasy Egg in a Cup is the easiest, no mess way to eat scrambled eggs anywhere. All you need to do is add water, microwave, and enjoy. Kids can help alleviate parental stress by popping these guys in the microwave, plus with a few new flavors, and vegetarian options, you can please even your pickiest of eaters.


If smoothies are more your thing, OvaEasy Egg White Protein is the perfect addition to your smoothies. Our protein contains all amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth… We’ll dig more into the protein story in our next article, but our egg white protein is delicious, mixes well, and gets the job done, whether you’re making a nutritious meal substitute for your family or trying to hit your macros after a tough workout.


The Bottom Line

Life’s landscape is certainly different right now, and it’s been pretty stress packed for most people these last 8 months. Going back to the basics and establishing routine helps to remove stress from our daily lives, and eating a nutritious breakfast as part of that routine does the body, mind and soul good. Ova Easy has plenty of options to help you get your day started right, so give us a try. If you’ve tried us and like us, let us know! Share your anecdotes, recipes or reviews - we love hearing from you. 


A little bit about our author:

Author Kerry Goggin

Kerry is a writer, nutrition coach and consultant. She’s an active runner, skier, triathlete, CrossFitter, and a crazy busy mom of three. She dreams of being able to spend more time outside doing all of the things she loves with those she loves…and eggs of course, she dreams of eggs. Right now, Kerry’s loving the chocolate nut butter smoothie she makes with our Chocolate Cake Egg White Protein, and her kids are digging our Sausage Seasoning Egg in a Cup (with cheese) before heading off to school, sports and other activities.

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